How to Unzip files

All of our software is currently distributed as Self extracting archives (.exe files), which means that you don't need to read this unless you want to install an older version of the software or unzip a collection of baseline files that are distributed in a '.Zip' format. 

The problems

Software applications are often made up of many individual files and all of these files are required in order for the application to run correctly. It is thus important to bundle all the required files together.A second issue is related to the speed of the Internet. Many people have slow links to the Internet and downloading a large software application can take a long time, (this is also one of the reasons PassMark Software tries to squeeze the maximum functionality into the smallest file size).

The solution

Both of the above issues are resolved by using a ZIP file. A ZIP file is a single highly compressed file that contains many other files. When a ZIP file is "Unzipped", each of the original files is extracted and uncompressed to recreate the original. While this solves the above issues, it also creates a new problem, how do I "Zip" and "Unzip" files.


A program is required to "Unzip" files. There are many different versions of these programs available off the Internet. We suggest you use WinZip as it is easy to use and you can download a free evaluation copy (there are however other cheaper alternatives).

After you have a program like WinZip installed it's easy to install our software.

  1. Double click on the Zip file you have downloaded from our site. (eg.
  2. Extract the files to a temporary directory on your hard disk.
  3. Run the "setup.exe" file.
  4. You can then delete the temporary directory, but we recommend you keep the original zip file, in case you need to reinstall the software

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